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Message from the President:

We at Nichibei strive to translate documents with the end user in mind. Language is the key to bridging different cultures, and to expand a company's business potential. Our company brings together the most talented translators from across the globe to help you communicate your ideas. We utilize the latest in translation tools and employ a streamlined translation protocol that considers fast turnaround and high quality. Nichibei offers the customer a variety of payment options, and our rates are competitive.

Call or write to us to learn more about how Nichibei can help you achieve your goals.

David J Rosasco

Businessman - Contact us in Woodside, New York, for professional written foreign language translations, including document translation and website translation.

Company Profile

Nichibei Translations, LLC, a limited liability company, was established in March 2005 by its founder and current president, David Rosasco, based on his dream to create a translation and localization business that placed a heavy emphasis on high quality, meeting the deadlines, responding to customer demands, and competitive pricing.

The company first established its headquarters in Woodside, Queens, New York, the most ethnically diverse community in the United States. The location is situated with easy access to all points in New York City, just blocks away from the MTA Subway and LIRR trains. In August 2005, Nichibei expanded its operations to Japan, inaugurating the opening of a branch office in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, less than an hour from the heart of Tokyo.

To respond to the demand of its clients and to be closer to where they are, the company opened its e-Office in Elmhurst, Queens, New York.

Nichibei's ideals are reflected in its business ownership. The company is 61% women-owned and 76% minority-owned. The ownership of the LLC meets regularly to determine how best the company can work for you, the corporate, small business, or individual, in providing services that makes your life easier.

Woman - Contact us in Woodside, New York, for professional written foreign language translations, including document translation and website translation.

Corporate Management

Yoko Nagami
Chief Executive Officer
Fluent in Japanese and English. Yoko's varied an expansive career in the translation, interpretation and insurance fields gives her wide knowledge over managing the organization and bringing out the best in each individual. She initiated the company's recent reorganization, and chose the President and management team based on her concept of having the right people in the right job. Contact her at

David J. Rosasco
Fluent in Japanese and English. He has lived in Japan for 10 years, and is one of only a handful of immigrants to Japan from the United States to have passed the highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. He has over 9 years of translation and localization experience. David was selected by the company CEO to organize a management team reflective of the company's business and civic goals.

David is active in the local community, working hard for small business and greater economic development in Queens County, New York. He sits on a number of non-profit boards as a member or advisor, and believes in outreach to the wider community to achieve harmony between the company and the community it serves.

His philosophy is simple: "Making our local community better benefits business, and Nichibei strives to be a model corporate citizen." 

Contact him at

Kaoru Horikiri
Chief Operating Officer
Fluent in Japanese and English, she oversees all translation projects. She has over 15 years of translation and localization experience. Kaoru's areas of expertise are industrial engineering and technical translations. She also heads the Japan operations. Contact her at
Belina Torres
Chief Financial Officer
Fluent in Tagalog and English, she oversees the company's financial operations. She has over 20 years in the business and finance field. Her goals for 2007 are busines expansion through careful budgeting. Contact her at

Peggy Rodriguez
Vice President
Fluent in Spanish and English, she works closely with the President on marketing, bidding, procurement and certification issues. She also is Supervisor of the Spanish Translations Unit. Contact her at  

Rubendario Cabrera
Board Member
Fluent in Tagalog and English, Rubendario advises the company on its yearly business plan and provides external oversight of the company's decision-making process. Contact him at
Edward Bergendahl
Veterans Liaison
Served in the US Navy during the Korean War (1951-1953), Member of the United War Veterans Council and President of the Woodside Civic Association, Ed symbolizes the volunteership of Nichibei members in our community.  His extensive knowledge of military matters is coupled with his efforts to expand company operations to providing translation and interpreting services to the US Federal Government.  Contact him at

Contact us in Woodside, New York, for professional written foreign language
translations, including document translation and website localization.

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